The most exciting places Hiking & Trekking in Bhutan!

Bhutan is a small country in Himalayas between Tibet Autonomous region in China and India. This country has very stunning natural beauty with its very beautiful scenery and many mountains and monasteries where you can trek and enjoy your best time.

trekking in bhutan with adventure

As Bhutan is very much known for its beauty and monasteries of Buddha but it is also known for trekking also.

Many people come in this country only for trekking purpose so that they can discover many places and can enjoy many different views and beauties in Bhutan. Bhutan is very unique country by culturally and also environmentally.

Many people only go for Bhutan trekking holidays for trekking to the mountains of this country. Trekking in Bhutan is unlike anywhere else in the Himalayas, it is complemented by crystal clear air and views that sometimes defy the description.

So just go for Bhutan hiking holidays and enjoy the environment this place which is very amazing. In Bhutan the majority of tourists do cultural tours where they visit important destinations.

For your safety and security during the Bhutan trekking tour it is important to carry small torch for safety.  If you have problems of motion sickness then it is important to carry tablets. It is important to carry ear plugs for peaceful sleep during nights as dogs do tend to bark a lot during night time.

hiking at the top in bhutan
Hiking at the top in Bhutan

It is extremely important to note that Bhutan is considered to be no smoking zone so be aware of the same during Bhutan trekking holidays

Taktsang Monastery (Tiger’s Nest), Paro is one of the most geographically prominent and important Buddhist sites in the world and Tashichho Dzong is a holistic Buddhist monastery and stronghold on the northern edge of the city of Thimpu in Bhutan where most of the Buddhist from different place visit here and find peace in here. So just pack the bags and have great and amazing Bhutan hiking holidays with your family and friends.

The enduring place just helps to connect well with your soul. Even if you wish to visit bhutan to go high like 23,000 ft the amazing trekking experience, the amazing country can offer you with the most thrilling adventure yet keep you safe.

It is extremely important that one must ask locals if you are clicking photos of them.

Even the small towns like Paro do offer you with best picturesque views. The winding path does offers the ravishing impact to the trekkers. The natural landscapes here are worth mesmerizing.

bhutan snow hike trail

The druk path trek is strategically considered to be one of the easiest treks.

The ancient style of dzongs and villages are worth a witness.  The reputed tour operators can offer you with best of trekking packages.

Remember while you are set to go for a trekking trip carry light weighed clothes, during winters carry thermals and woolens. If you wish to experience the hot water bath then it is must to carry swimming wear. During Bhutan trekking is must to carry the most essential things like sunscreen and sunglasses.